GOST 승인 라이센스

승인 품목

모든 제품에 대해서 승인이 가능한 명실상부 러시아 최대의 승인 및 허가 기관 입니다.

  • Steel pipes
  • Metal products and other ill-conditioned
  • Fixtures for engineering industry
  • Nonferrous metal rolled stock
  • Production electrode and carbide industries, products from nonferrous metals
  • Ordinary metal rolled stock
  • Metal ware for manufacturing applications (wire products)
  • Metal- and woodworking machinery
  • Tools, production accessories, abrasives
  • Frictionless bearings
  • Polymers, plastics, chemical fibers and rubbers
  • Household chemical goods, lacquers and paints
  • Mechanical rubber and asbestos products
  • Materials paint and varnish, a film-photo both magnetic materials and the goods of household chemical goods
  • Production of heavy, power and transport mechanical engineering
  • Electrical machinery
  • Electromechanical equipment and materials
  • Cable products
  • Computers
  • Optical instruments and equipment
  • Electronic equipment
  • Radio communication, broadcasting and telecasting facilities
  • Wire communication facilities and radio communication equipment (terminal and intermediate)
  • Domestic appliances
  • Goods of chemical and oil engineering industry
  • Industrial pipe accessories
  • Woodworking equipment
  • Crockery and household goods
  • Goods of woodworking industry
  • Containers
  • Metal-cutting tool
  • Computer engineering
  • Goods of motor-car industry
  • Instruments and computerized aids for general industrial application
  • Instruments and computerized aids of special industrial application
  • Tractors and agricultural machinery
  • Goods of construction, road-building and municipal engineering industry
  • Sanitary ware
  • Devices, component parts and fixings of mechanical vehicles
  • Technological equipment for light and food industry, domestic appliances
  • The equipment for regulation of traffic, service of agriculture machinery and auxiliary a communication facility
  • Production of logging and woodworking industry
  • Production of paper industry
  • Production of plywood industry, boards
  • Building materials, accept for ferroconcrete constructions and details
  • Products from glass, porcelain and faience
  • Radio communication, broadcasting and telecasting facilities
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete structures
  • Concrete and mortar
  • Wood structures
  • Road-building materials
  • Structures made of other materials
  • Roofing, hydro insulation and sealing materials and products
  • Mineral binding materials
  • Window and door frames made of wood, steel, PVC profiles and aluminum alloys
  • Finishing and facing materials
  • PVC profiles
  • Dual-pane windows
  • Wall and masonry materials
  • Heat- and sound-insulation materials and products
  • Crushed-stone, gravel and sand for building work



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